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Welcome to STAHL Consulting. We are proud of our company, the clients we serve and the environment we have created. STAHL offers a rich, meaningful corporate culture with driven and determined leadership in a diverse and dynamic environment that was founded on openness and success. STAHL's emphasizes twenty-first century, talent-based personnel management system, reform essential quality of life programs, building cohesive teams that are ready, professional, diverse and integrated for mission success. STAHL will acquire, develop, employ and retain the diversity of DoD and Civilian talent needed to achieve total readiness.


At STAHL, we build upon our Board Member principals and traditions of our military and the experience of our Technical Board leadership in the military service. Personal responsibility and accountability are required character traits, and working independently is a must.  We are proud of the IPTT (Integrated Project Tiger Teams) teams that we have assembled here at STAHL. Our clients benefit from working alongside a winning team of smart, hard working, creative and successful professionals. By becoming part of the STAHL team, all of our employees share in our entrepreneurial spirit and success.


We consider it a privilege to serve our clients in the Department of Defense, and other Federal Government Agencies. We remain committed to our clients, our employees and our Partners. We are extremely confident in our ability to deliver our services and help our clients overcome their challenges and achieve their Missions.



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